Volunteer with RISE UP!

It's exciting to be part of the fun-filled after school program designed to build character by applying Biblical principles to everyday life!  Thank you for your interest!


Vanji Suresh


"After hearing about RISE UP! at our school, I planned on just "helping" out with the program and only had intentions of serving in a behind the scenes volunteer role.  I would have told anyone a million reasons why I was not qualified to fill the shoes of a Chapter Leader role – It was way out of my comfort zone; organization and leadership don't make it in my Top 50 skills;  I was the new kid on the block (we had transferred in from a private Christian school and I knew no one!); much too busy; and most importantly, I KNOW someone else would do a much better job at Chapter Leader than me!  However, God has a wonderful sense of humor and He ignored my excuses and answered my life long prayer, "Please use me Lord wherever You want for Your Glory."   So this isn't about me, it's always been all about HIM!  I am so honored and grateful to be serving in this capacity alongside so many amazing and talented people.  I can't believe we have been given this golden opportunity to share the Love of Christ with these kids and let them know how much He loves them.  It really is awesome to be a part of God’s RISE UP! story."


Erica Fokens


"RISE UP! has fostered the opportunity to share the love of Christ while building meaningful school friendships and connections. Crazy stunts, wild skits, singing, large group lessons and small group activities all point the students to seeking God's best for their lives in an after school club setting.  RISE UP! has meant so much to our family as it has poured Biblical truths into the lives of kids in our school and touched hearts for the glory of God."


Mindy Abercrombie


"After learning about RISE UP! and praying for the ministry, the Lord graciously placed a vision on the hearts of a group of friends.  We are excited to see our community transformed through this ministry.  Our prayer is that He will use us to bring RISE UP! to the 8 elementary schools in our district."