As 5th graders, most RISE UP! students have developed strong character and are ready to serve as leaders.  The RISE UP! Ambassador Program offers our oldest students the following:

  • Leadership opportunities to demonstrate character in practical ways
  • A platform to connect with and serve as a role model for younger students
  • A chance to serve Christ within their own school community
  • An opportunity for RISE UP! leaders to have more in-depth conversations about their personal spiritual journey

What will our Ambassadors get out of their experience?

  • Opportunity for accountability
  • Using talents and gifts for Christ
  • Credible leadership opportunities and service hours with a 501(c)3 non-profit
Registration #'s 
by Chapter

Apply to be a RISE UP! Ambassador

Once a 5th grader registers for RISE UP! and if their RISE UP! chapter has an ambassador program, their specified parent will receive an email with a link to the RISE UP! Ambassador application.  It is the 5th grader's responsibility to fill out the brief application and provide their electronic signature.



  • Attend a brief RISE UP! Ambassador training
  • Complete the short application either prior to or during the Ambassador training.
  • Maintain regular RISE UP! meeting attendance and exhibit good behavior during meetings and serve as a role model for others.  Since RISE UP! Ambassadors serve as role models, an ambassador can be placed on temporary restriction if leaders determine the student is more disruptive than helpful.  The student can still come to the regular meetings, but their leadership responsibilities will be removed until their behavior has improved.
  • Create excitement about RISE UP! within their school community!
  • All RISE UP! 5th graders will be given the Volunteer T-shirt to help them stand out as a student leader (even if the RISE UP! chapter does not have a specific Ambassador program).


Ambassadors will be offered roles that align with their talents, skills and interests.  At regular RISE UP! meetings, Ambassadors will serve in one or more of the following ways:

  • Greet and welcome students at the front door
  • Hand out nametags to students
  • Help with games and small group activities
  • Be part of the praise and worship team
  • Serve as a leader in games/skits on stage
  • Pass out Parent Connection cards and other take-home items at dismissal

Some schools may offer additional leadership opportunities:

  • Serve as a RISE UP! Ambassador at community-wide events, such as the RISE UP! Rally
  • Participate in service projects throughout the year
  • Participate in other small group discipleship opportunities to further strengthen and apply their faith
  • Attend a year-end Ambassador celebration event and ask RISE UP! Alumni questions about middle school