**COVID-19 UPDATE:  The current worldwide pandemic is bringing changes to the 2020-2021 RISE UP! program.  RISE UP! plans to provide both tangible & digital content to students who register.  Monthly, students will receive curriculum that they can do at home and/or with friends & neighbors (25 or less kids of course)!  Though we would prefer to be meeting together after school at our local elementary schools, we are excited for a chance to try something new and to see if we can share God's unconditional love with more kids through character development!

Make sure to REGISTER for RISE UP! @home and we will send monthly curriculum for each of your registered elementary children ... snail mail may even bring surprises!

Meaningful. Messy. Memorable.

Sharing the love of Jesus in ways kids understand


Welcome to RISE UP!

RISE UP! is a free after-school character development program for elementary aged children held in local public schools with the purpose of teaching students how to apply relevant Biblical truths in their everyday lives. RISE UP! provides a creative, fun and memorable environment for kids to hear about God's amazing love for them.

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Sunya Collier


"Last year, RISE UP! recommended volunteers attend the Orange Conference put on by the curriculum company that partners with RISE UP. The leaders explained how developmental differences affect the way students mature in their spiritual life.  These principles can be used to help make God's Word practical and meaningful to the children at RISE UP! meetings."


Landon Fokens


"To quote King David, “I will become even more undignified than this, but it is before The Lord that I celebrate.”  I desire for my children to see the lengths I will go - to make a fool of myself for the Gospel of Christ!  Thank you RISE UP! for granting me that desire!"


Melanie and Jason Salmon


Melanie: "God asked me to take a step of faith at our school and trust that He would guide and provide.  I love the opportunity to share the Gospel and engage with the kids in a crazy, messy way!"

Jason:  "Melanie is the heart and soul of our chapter leadership;  God just put the crazy idea in my head.  We love serving together and are thankful God called us to serve Him in this ministry."


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At RISE UP! we openly promote who God is and share Biblical principles from God’ s Word. We welcome students of all faith backgrounds and respect each student’ s right to make their own faith decisions. RISE UP! is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is not sponsored by schools, PTAs, or foundations.

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